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Don’t let history books tell you big groups of non-black people spearheaded several anti-racism movements when it was actually Jews, not just random people.

50% of civil rights lawyers in the south during the 60s were Jews. We were 1% of the population but 50% of the lawyers fighting for civil rights.

50% of non-black people who went to mississippi in 64 to challenge the Jim Crow laws were Jews. 

Jews have historically done a hell of a lot to advance equality in the US even though we are a tiny, tiny, tiny minority of the population. That’s a legacy to be proud of.

These actions were undertaken even at tremendous risk to jewish communities.  

We also need to remember our people’s legacy and emulate their actions today. It’s not enough to know that the ones who came before us did great things; we must follow their example in our actions in the present day.








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wilhelmeberhardgodsweyn said: Not liking the truth doesn't change the reality. My genitals were mutilated as part of American culture. Fuck your religion and covenant. Your parents and my parents did genitally mutilate and sexually assault us. Soon go fuck yourself.


Do you think the following about circumcision?

  • It’s a savage practice.
  • It’s sexual assault.
  • It’s mutilation.
  • It’s barbaric.

Congratulations! You believe Jews are a culture of savage barbarians who mutilate their children and sexually assault them on a culture wide basis. Here’s your award of Peak Antisemitism. Realize how this rhetoric tells Jews their bodies are mutilated, disgusting and wrong. Understand that I’m a trans womyn and the world already tells me my body is mutilated, disgusting and wrong. Please examine how this is not at all different than white supremacist views of Jews. Notice the minimal differences. Realize you’re a white supremacist. Realize you’re a man and goy mansplaining to me in incredibly antisemitic ways. Go directly to jail.

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*mentioning internet friends to parents*

we went to school together before they moved away a couple years ago.. did i never mention them.. weird.. totally went to school together..

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RuffleCon 2014 is happy to announce that The Snow Field will be vending in our marketplace


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